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With a $500 Guarantee!

My family is new to Payson. We decided to move here because we love it here. We had other properties in and around Payson. We hoped we could “Buy Local”, but were concerned about the level of skill and honor of local business men and women. Today, some 20 months later, we have changed our minds. We were surprised with the level of concern, the level of expertise and the honor of those we hired to help us.

We decided to do something nice for them and tell you exactly who we found that exceeded our expectations. We've added some history to each vendor and our relationship with them.

We rate ALL of these vendors as an A+ businesses, in service, quality of work and business skills.

This website and accompanying radio spots were done at our expense. We have been blessed and this is our way to do something nice for these people who did their best for us. I paid all of our vendors their asking price for what they did for us. I did not whittle them down or beat them up on price. You can, I didn't.

All have been sworn to secrecy and no matter how many fires you build under their boots, they will not and cannot reveal our identities. If they do, we will remove them from this list of the “Best of Payson” because they promised us they would not identify us.

Last, here is our promise to you:

If you have a problem with one of my "Best of Payson" businesses AND the BBB agrees with your version of the issue AND the business refuses to abide by the BBB decision, I will personally carry out the directives of the BBB up to $500.00.

That’s how I feel about this group of people who represented their profession in the best way they knew how.

Membership on this list is not for sale. No one has paid to be here and no one can pay to be placed here.  


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